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The NOA (Neurodevelopment of Overcontrol and Anxiety) Study is a new study in the Early Emotional Development Program (EEDP) at Washington University School of Medicine. This study is researching how young children's personalities (such as tendencies of perfectionism, need for structure, fear of making mistakes, anxious apprehension, and inflexibility) can sometimes be helpful in school and at home and also sometimes be associated with anxiety and difficulties in social situations. Kids and parents come to our kid-friendly office to do computer activities (while we measure electrical brain activity, see the EEG page!) and win prizes and the parent completes questionnaires and an interview about their child; parents and kids also complete some activities together! Participants come yearly for 3 total sessions and are compensated for each session. At the end of three years, the parents can also get data on their child's mental health!

Please contact Berklea at 314-273-5560 or with any questions or to sign up.

Parent and Child
Mother and Son

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EEG for Kids

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